Brief Insights for New Parents: Google Abstinence

Brief Insights for New Parents Google Abstinence

In the past year, I’ve granted myself an honorary medical degree in obstetrics and a doctorate in child development thanks to Google. Not only is Googling the biggest time suck available on the market, it’s psychologically destructive when done improperly. During pregnancy it requires almost nothing to Google yourself into a full-blown hysteria over the health of your unborn child. OB triage units should have a checkbox under reason for visit titled: concern relating to recent Google search. New parent Googling is more detrimental than pregnancy Googling. Every piece of online literature you read will have a contradictory sister article. How to parent a child becomes far more of an enigma after Googling than it was before you started. Do yourself a favor and impound your laptop.

5 thoughts on “Brief Insights for New Parents: Google Abstinence

  1. What did our parents do before Google existed? lol I had to have self-control a lot to not freak myself out over the things I read online during and after pregnancy! Ack! But there were a few times it did help us try different sleep training methods, awesome baby food tricks, and letting me know my kid is normal to get bitten at daycare (boo).


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