Five Ways to Perk Up Your Home

  1. Personalize 

Personalize It

Everyone advises you to “personalize” your home by incorporating your own tastes and styles. I’m using the term personalize literally. There’s a myriad of ways to personalize: frame a memory (invites, children’s art, pictures); personalize items (stationary, monogram items such as pillows); display awards or accomplishments (diplomas, work awards). I love peeking at the beautiful memory of our son’s birth every time I jot a reminder or glancing at our wedding invite framed on our office desk.

Top Left: Engraved Cutting Board (Wedding Gift)

Top Right: Framed Wedding Invite (Designed by Meghan Theodore: Chicago, IL)

Bottom Left: Personalized Stationary “The Fargano Family”  (Shutterfly)

Bottom Right: Large Letters for First Initials (World Market)

2. Sparkle

Add Sparkle

Do not go overboard with this one…too much sparkle is never a good thing. However, when executed properly this adds a beautiful flare to your home. These are the only sparkly items in our condo because a little sparkle goes a long way! Everyone notices these flashy items, when paired with toned down decor they create a balance and prevent a mundane living space.

Left: Accent Pillow (Nicole Miller Home)

Right: Tea Light Holders (Swarovski)

3. Miniature Vases

Miniture Vases

One of the biggest advantages of miniature vases is their versatility. They rest beautifully on nightstands, hallway tables, bookcases, entertainment center shelves…the list goes on! Depending on the type of vase it’s a reasonably priced way to provide glamorous decor in a simple way. I love Kate Spade’s mini vases because she creates them in cute pairs (pictured above).

Left: Miniature Vases (Kate Spade)

Middle: Miniature Vases (Kate Spade)

Right: Vase (Lindsay David)

4. Pops of Color

Add Pops of Color

Adding bursts of color throughout your house is a bright, fun way to create focal points. All that’s needed is one colorful vase to make a room stand out. I stagger these pieces throughout the condo (some are pairs) so I typically have 1-2 “bright” pieces in each room. Too many bright colors can appear juvenile or overwhelming.

Top Left: Vase (Jonathan Adler)

Top Right: Desk Accessories (Kate Spade)

Bottom Left: Miniature Vases (Kate Spade)

Bottom Right: Magnet Board (Jonathan Adler)

5. Local Artists

Incorporate Local Artists

As previously noted throughout the blog, I have a passion for supporting local (food, business, and artists). A great way to perk up your home is to add art by a local artist you love. For me this means Xavier Nunez’s photography. Displaying local art is beneficial since it supports local art and reflects elements of where you live in your home. By supporting an artist from Chicago, I have urban art in our condo, which suits it perfectly since we live in the city.

Top Left: Trio of Framed Photos (Photographer Xavier Nunez: Chicago, IL)

Top Right-Bottom Right: Close-Ups of Photos from Xavier Nunez’s Series “Alleys & Ruins”

Happy decor hunting!!

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