Brief Insights for New Parents: Baby Books

Tip for New Parents

Feel free to construct a library full of baby reference books e.g. Baby 411 (I know I did) but I’m here to save you money since we never opened a single one. Why? Because I’m paranoid like every new parent and I need to hear the answer straight from an MD’s mouth not a page from a book. Trust me, pediatrician’s offices have trained professionals on handling repeat callers (I haven’t been blacklisted yet but my son’s only five months old).

The books you really need in those first couple months should be filled with HUMOR and EMPATHY. That’s what you want! The required read at 3 am when your child is screaming and won’t go to sleep is Doodle Diary of a New Mom not Baby 411.

Happy Parenting!!

This is the first post for the series titled “Brief Insights for New Parents” consisting of concise insights and tips for new or soon-to-be parents. I’m pretty amateur myself but I’d like to think as time passes I’m accumulating a small amount of wisdom for the benefit of other perpetually confused parents.

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