Tips for a Healthier You: Travel Edition

Buy Local

Buy Local

-it’s fresh & in season (extra bonus: look for farmers who grow organic & use sustainable growing practices)

-minimizes carbon footprint & food travel time which decreases possibility of contamination

-supports local farmers, artisans, & promotes green space in the area

Make Healthy Adjustments While Dining Out

Make Healthy Adjustments While Dining Out

-avoid deep fried, processed foods by ordering produce heavy items such as salads or entrees with sides of fruits/vegetables

-opt for whole wheat or sprouted grains

-limit the use of condiments, such as ketchup, whose first ingredient is often high fructose corn syrup (awful)

Prepare Meals

Prepare Meals Yourself

-if you have kitchen access bring a cookbook with simple recipes that’s easy to pack

Organic Wine

Skip the Vodka/Sugar Drink

-avoid mixed drinks with soda & juice (they are packed with sugar)

-drink organic wine (if it’s available or bring some on the trip!)

-organic wine signifies natural methods of combating vineyard pests rather than loading up on pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers & insecticides

-organic wines also contain less sulfites (preservatives used to prevent browning & discoloration).

-our favorites Frey Vineyards & Our Daily Red have no added sulfites & are very reasonably priced (we aren’t connoisseurs & have financial limitations when choosing wine)

Consume Water

-seems ridiculous but it’s often overlooked

-while traveling you’re out & about making you less likely to drink water (always have a water bottle handy)

-you’re typically exposed to more sun, exercise, & alcohol on vacation which all predispose you for dehydration


Avoid Frying Yourself at the Beach

-again seems ridiculous but sunscreen is often overlooked

-we are diligent about protecting our kids from dangerous rays but not ourselves

-put on sunscreen even if it’s cloudy, 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds

-I like Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen (we use a different kind on our son): 100% vegetarian, free of artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate or sodium myreth sulfate (it’s not greasy, it smells good, & it works!)

Happy Travels!!

This is the first edition of my series titled “Tips for a Healthier You” where I will share tips and guidelines for incorporating healthier habits throughout various aspects of your life

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