Accessorizing Motherhood–Because Children Don’t Have to Mean the Death of Your Fashion Sense

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Coco Chanel

Fashion will always be one of my main obsessions so I’m thrilled it’s versatile. Toting around an infant isn’t conducive with four inch heels and $1,000 handbags that can’t even fit a couple pacifiers let alone the baby necessities I have to drag everywhere. Nonetheless I refuse to lose my sense of fashion simply because I have a child.

One of the ways I’ve adapted my style since having my son is focusing more on bold, practical accessories. Although some moms continue to rock high heels and dry-clean only dresses (well done ladies!), comfort and practicality come first in order for me to maintain my sanity. Beautiful accessories are an simple way to stay stylish as a mom because you can pair them with comfortable clothes and look polished. Below is a list of staple accessories exemplified by personal favorites from my closet.

Hats & Headpieces: Life-saving accessory for a new mom to hide unstyled or even unwashed hair (if you have an infant and still style your hair daily please call and tell me how!)

Hats                            Scarves & Headbands

Hats (Left: Burberry Newsboy Cap, Right: Gucci Baseball Hat)

Headpieces (Top Left: Henri Bendel Crystal Headband, Bottom Left: Missoni Scarf, Top Right: Louis Vuitton Scarf)

Diaper Bag: Sadly your Jimmy Choo clutch needs to hibernate until your next mom’s night out. For now a diaper bag is your new daily purse so make it practical but stylish.Diaper Bag(Gucci Diaper Bag)

Jewelry: Careful with long drop earrings or delicate necklaces, your child will love to pull on them. I live dangerously since I don’t want to wear stud earrings all the time or retire my necklaces.


(Top Left: Tory Burch Cuff, Top Right: Burberry Cuff, Bottom Left: Kate Spade Earrings, Bottom Right: Tory Burch Earrings)

Flats: Carrying around a fifteen pound (and growing) child in high heels would annihilate my legs, instead I opt for stylish flats.


(Left: Tory Burch, Middle: Splendid, Right: Sam Edelman)  

Happy Accessorizing!!

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