Once Upon a Drive-Thru…

My husband and I were married in May 2014. The time period encompassing our wedding was filled with celebrations synonymous with frequent drinking and dining out. Two months post wedding I found out I was pregnant with our first child. I was obstinate in my commitment to avoid the pregnancy cliché of “eating for two” and supersizing my latest fast food hit. In my former years as a non-pregnant being, I would sit atop my pedestal and judge all the pregnant women ingesting a donut with the perception “look at the crap you’re feeding your unborn child.” I purchased Skinny Bitches: Bun in the Oven to ensure everything I put into my mouth was raw and nutritionally dense. Morning sickness hit. The book collected dust in the corner of our guest bedroom, Sprinkles Cupcakes was on speed-dial, and exercise included Pure Barre-ly put on my shoes.

Once Upon a Drive-Thru

Once our son was born convenience food became a household staple.The excuses of a screaming newborn and a perpetually starving breastfeeding mom became paramount in our commitment to avoid accountability for the highly processed foods fueling our bodies. By the time our son was three months old, my husband and I were beginning to see the impact of our two year hiatus from healthy living. The clouds were lifting and the realization set in: we felt and looked like shit. There’s no singular factor more motivating to jump start a healthier lifestyle than having a human being completely dependant on your existence. I constructed this blog to document my odyssey as a stay-at-home mom and our family’s journey toward a healthier home in order to guide others in a quest for a happy healthy family life.

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